Thursday, March 17, 2011

The War of 1812 Along the Great Lakes Seaway Trail

Other than the year it started or that it gave birth of the Star Spangled Banner, most Americans would be hard pressed to tell much more about this conflict that greatly affected the Empire and Keystone States.  

The War of 1812 ranged along much on the Great Lakes’ coastline. From Plattsburgh, on Lake Champlain, to Presque Isle, on Lake Erie, American, British and Native American forces clashed for control of the heart of the continent.

Today, most Americans know little about this war because so little changed.  The outcome was a return to the status quo, to the conditions before the fighting began.  As a result, it has been said that this is the war that the Americans think they won and that the Canadians know they won…and in the end the ones who lost the most may have been the Native Americans. 

Two centuries later, visitors from across the state and across the country will see a wide range of bicentennial events that will honor the heroes and heroines, sites and events of the War of 1812.  Starting in 2012, the US, Canada, England and the First Nations will begin 1,000 days of celebration to mark the events of the War of 1812 and 200 years of peace that followed. 

Here at the Great Lakes Seaway Trail we are very excited to present a "once in 200 years opportunity" for quilters! 

Please follow this blog as we update and present details of our War of 1812 Quilt Challenge - a War of 1812 Commemorative Bicentennial Activity sponsored by the Seaway Trail Foundation.  

Your comments, suggestions and most importantly - your quilts - will be appreciated as we embark on this historic international quilting adventure.


  1. looked into family history and found we did have a relative who was enlisted in the War of 1812, so I will add his name to my cot to coffin sized quilt "John LaSalle" sounds French to me but I understand he was English

  2. I would love to do this. My family was very active in growing the young Nation here in New York State. Not sure if I have enough time though.