Monday, May 23, 2011

"Lately Arrived from London" - a new line of 1812 era period fabrics

Quilt Historian Barbara Brackman will be introducing a new reproduction collection of fabric.   The reproductions are copied from Dutch, Indian, French and British documented prints of the 1812 era.

Moda's "Lately Arrived from London" should be in quilt shops at the end of the summer 2011.  We have posted a few samples she has shared with us to give you an idea of what fabrics from the 1812 era may have looked like. 

You might also want to search your local quilt shops for her Moda collection from a couple of years ago titled:  "Hartfield."  

Fans of Jane Austen's novels will recognize Hartfield as the home of Emma Woodhouse, the matchmaking heroine of "Emma."  Barbara Brackman's Hartfield collection from Moda reproduces early prints from the years when Jane Austen flourished which was also the time frame for our War of 1812 quilts.

Each print in the Hartfield collection was named for an English estate featured in Austen novels.  Colorways echoed the natural dyes of the time. The prints ranged from the small florals that the Austen characters called sprigged or spotted muslins to a large scale chintz fabric perfect for a center medalion or "broderie perse"  - the lovely technique for applique of printed chintz flowers and other motifs onto a solid fabric.

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