Monday, June 27, 2011

Fashion Plates of the War of 1812 / Regency Era

The fashion era spanning of the War of 1812 was also the Regency era of British novelist Jane Austen, it’s focus was on elegance and simplicity. 

Women’s fashions of the period were inspired by the democratic ideals of the new French Republic - which in turn took it’s inspiration from classical Greece. Waists were high and diaphanous light coloured fabrics were at the height of fashion. 

Such a contrast to fashions of the previous and following eras with their multiple layers of dark and heavy fabric. 

The following fashion plates were published in Incroyables et merveilleuses de 1814.  Click on the plate and then click again to see a high resolution large image.

Wonderful inspiration for the gowns we will all wear to the Seaway Trail 2012 Quilt Show in March.  Hope you will plan to join us in costume too!

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  1. Wow love the one with the wild bodice and the coordinating striped socks. These are fabulous