Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Underhill Tree of Life Quilt Story Continues

From a letter from Jill Meszaros dated June 12, 2012:

Yesterday, the Underhill Tree of Life quilt had one more piece of its story written. 

As you know, I created my Underhill Wholecloth Quilt to honor my Underhill ancestors.  I wanted to update you on my Underhill family. 

My grandfather, Donald Underhill, at the age of 99 and 10 months, died yesterday at 12:35 pm.  His only living sibling, Aunt Mary Lou, age 86 and 10 months died yesterday at 8:20 am. 

They were both very proud of their family heritage and it was in his books that I found a great deal of the family history I used in my quilt's story.  He loved history, especially his family’s. 

My quilt was really for him more than anyone else.  This is not a sad story....99 years is something to celebrate - especially since he died peacefully, at home with family, simply from old age. 

Major David Underhill would have been my grandfather's (Donald Underhill) Great-Great-Grandfather.  Aunt Mary Lou was still living on a piece of David's original homestead.  She will rest in Norwalk, Ohio with many other Underhills that came before her.

I just wanted to share this piece of my quilts continuing story with you.

                   Jill Meszaros

You can see this incredible quilt up close when you view the Seaway Trail War of 1812 Traveling Exhibit which is on the road for the next two years.

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  1. Your quilt is just beautiful! Whole cloth quilts were certainly the style in 1812 but I wonder if such a fine example would have gone off to war with a soldier? But it is a wonderful tribute to you grandpa. How amazing that your grandpa and his sister died on the same day. It does work like that sometimes. It makes me think of the story of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Born on the same day and died on the same day.
    I started a coffin quilt but found the diamentions so odd I did not ant to finish it. But I will try now that I have been inspire by all of your photos! Cheers, Claire W.