Thursday, July 14, 2011

Women's Fashion in the Era of the New Republic

Every era has its own individual sense of fashion style even when that style is clearly influenced by the past.  One of the most unique eras in women's fashion occurred during the early years of the American republic and continued through the War of 1812 (and Regency) period.  Elegant Grecian inspired gowns of gossamer silk, ethereal sheer cotton and linen, in white, creme and pastels were the height of sophisticated fashion. 

Please enjoy these fashion plates from "Incroyables et merveilleuses de 1814."   Truly the "Paris Vogue" of the day! 

Will you be so bold as to join with the staff of the Great Lake Seaway Trail Discovery Center and dress in period correct fashion for our 1812 Quilt Challenge? 

(Click on each fashion plate and then click again to see a super-high resolution image.)

What would your ideal 1812 / Regency era outfit look like


  1. If you are interested in colonial and Regency-era clothing for common folk, try the following site. It has patterns. I have never used them so cannot recommend.

  2. lovely prints. Being an member of the ORS, if I were to come to your lovely event, I would either wear my brown and green chintz..a lat 1810 or my White gown with blue and green silk adornment a la 1795.. or the golden wrap gown. i found you while researching regency quilts for an upcoming event. your site is lovely