Thursday, July 21, 2011

Early 1800 Quilts from the Winterthur Collections

Get inspired with these great quilts from the first couple decades of the 1800's from the Winterthur Museum:

Silk, Wool and Cotton Quilt from the Winterthur collections
Provenance Pennsylvania made between 1817 and 1830

Wool Stripe Quilt from the Winterthur collections
Provenance Maine or Mass. between 1800 and 1830


  1. Check out the American Folk Art Museum website for their quilts and coverlets. There are thumbnails of a part of each quilt/coverlet, and you just click on each one to get pic of whole thing and information on each item. For example, go to < Hopefully, that will take you to an 1800-1820 quilt!

  2. I have two questions... 1. I am a bit confused as to the odd shape of some of these quilts, what is the rectangle piece along one side? 2. I am considering making a quilt for the challenge, and my thought was to use old grain sacks, and to do some candle-wicking on several blocks. Am I barking up the wrong tree with this idea? Or barking up the wrong era? Thank you. Jill